Short Tours

Before our "take off", to easily familiarize with the long eared friend we will groom and harness them together. After you can guide your donkey companion through nature while kids can ride. One donkey is normally the companion for up to three people.

Our Short Donkey-Tours 
- guided or individual -

Tour 1: Inspiring bath in mother nature
We will donkey-hike through an abundantly covered shady valley softly uphill with a short steeper section (10 min,). A wonderful introduction to the regional vegetation like rockrose, cork tree, arbutus and heather. On top greets us a fantastic view to the Monchique mountains.

Foto Jan Steffan
Difficulty level: easy - medium. We will have 15 minutes easy, but constant climb, 2 Minutes steeper, stony. After the viewpoint 10-15 minutes downhill. Distance: 3-7km. Duration 1h30 or 3h or 6h

Tour 2: Soft Green Hills
This track is a friendly contrast bath between nature and “civilization”, with viewpoint to Monchique mountains and back-lands of village Rogil. A windmill, some single houses here and there, an impressive blackberry cordon and, to the end, a peaceful barrier lake in a little valley. 
Difficulty level: easy-medium. 5 Minutes easy uphill, 2 Minutes downhill to the lake.
Distance: 3-7km. Duration 1h30 or 3h or 1 Day

Tour 3: To the Coast, Nature Park & Amoreira Beach
Vicentine Coast at its best! Planar landscape, shady pine woods, dunes, cliffs and beach.

Difficulty level: easy/ medium. Uphill only on the whole day tour. Track partially sandy. Distance: 10 – 20km Duration: 4h or 1 Day


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