Friday, 8 January 2016

8(10) Days self guided Rota Vicentina (Algarve) 2016

10 Days/ 9 Nights/ 7 Days Donkey Trekking/ 1 Break Day

Through Nature Park Vicentine Coast on the long distance track Rota Vicentina (Algarve) Includes one rest day in fishermen, farmer & surfer village Carrapateira to relax and enjoy this delightful part of the coast.



- Travel companion & luggage carrier – Donkey, the heart and soul of our tour
- Natural Park “Vicentina Coast”, to the west & south of small town Aljezur
- Beaches: Amado, Bordeira, Canal, Arrifana, Monte Clerigo, Amoreira
- Carrapateira, a whitewashed rural, fishing & surfing village
- Arrifana, high on the cliffs, a beach in a big bay with a small fishing port
- Semi-wild, hilly hinterland with eucalyptus forests & strawberry tree scrubland
- Partially on the tracks of the long-distance route “Rota Vicentina”

High cliffs and secluded beaches are waiting for you on this tour with donkeys. You will stroll to beaches or safely on the cliffs overlooking the beaches and walk through the hillsides in the hinterland. Upstream, you will for a while, crisscross the (dry) river bed. The track goes past windmills, newer and older generation, all white isolated villages and ancient farms. Here life is still raw, for the few inhabitants who have not moved into the big cities, into distant lands. And, finally, you stand before the end! The end of Western Europe - Cabo de São Vicente. What a feeling!

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